Nice Grand Rapids, MI photos

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Nice Grand Rapids, MI photos

Check out these Grand Rapids, MI images:

Portrait of a Lubitel
Grand Rapids, MI
Image by lisbokt
I have to say, I love my Lubitel. A lot! :) I brought it with me to shoot some photos this weekend, and set it up on a timer to do a self portrait. In the honour of authenticity, I shot a photo back…. which is fortunate, because the photo on the Lubitel didn’t turn out, unfortunately.

Shortly after this photo, the camera busted. The hinge on the back lost the pin. Fortunately, a trip to the hardware store and a little patience fixed it up just fine!

ok finally
Grand Rapids, MI
Image by
Every morning I drive by this, after dropping my son off at school. Every morning I stop the car, get out, and try a different angle, with different settings… to get what I see with my eyes, into the g.d. camera. So finally I did, and tomorrow I’m taking a different way to work.

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